Friday, May 22, 2020

Craftsman Farmhouse Table

Craftsman Farm House Table

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well through all of this craziness in our world right now. We've been keeping busy over here. One of the projects we completed was this long dreamed of farmhouse table! I got the inspiration from Ana White's website. Here is the link to the original plans.

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I was so excited to get this project started! We made some MAJOR modifications to this table. First of all, the dimensions were changed. We wanted it longer and wider to fit our family plus a few guests.

The most time consuming part of this project was getting the table top smooth. I wanted the kids to be able to do paperwork on this table, so it was important to me to make the seams as tight as possible. To accomplish this, we first made sure to square the edges of the planks with our table saw. Not easy when you're an amateur and you have warped boards. But my husband is a master Googler (that's a word right?), and he saved the day. He screwed the board we were trying to rip to a spare (and straight!) piece of MDF. He used the MDF as the guide so that when it went through the table saw it cut our planks so that they were straight! Hooray! 

Pipe clamping large boards

Then we started attaching the table top planks with pocket hole screws and wood glue.

 Table top all assembled!

Smoothing large boards with hand planer

Next came planing the tops so that it was completely smooth. That took quite a bit of time. But so worth it!

Stained wood table top

The fun part: staining!

The funny part: my clumsy self knocking over the can of stain. If you know me, this is not surprising. I'm sure going to miss that pair of flip flops.

Now that the table top was done it was time to build the frame.

Large table frame

 In the original plans there was also a stretcher that went across the bottom. I wanted to be able to push in chairs at each end so we omitted that. However this table needed to be secure, so we put cross supports across the table. That makes this Mama breathe easier knowing my children WILL be getting on top of this table when I'm not looking! 

My husband had the idea to make the table legs removable. Since this thing is heavy and huge it would be easier to move if we can remove the legs. 

Table leg pre-stained

But my favorite part of this table has got to be the table legs! I showed my husband what I wanted and he got it done! He cut all those tiny trim pieces and all the angles that just confuse me. I think he's a keeper!

Finished table leg with white paint

Aren't they gorgeous?! My painting leaves quite a bit to be desired, but I'm still pretty darn pleased with it!

Craftsman Farm House Table

It is far from perfect but I am still so proud of our work! Not too bad for only our third big build :) 

Making memories around our new table! This is what it's all about!

Thanks for following along! Until next time.



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