Saturday, May 23, 2020

Girls Bedroom Makeover

Hey everyone! I'm here today to share another project that I recently tackled. The girls bedroom definitely needed a simple refresh and some girly touches.

This is what it looked like before. Banged up walls, Elaina's mattress on the floor, and Emma's farmhouse bed (our very first build) on the left. As proud as I was of our first build, the girls desperately wanted bunk beds like their brothers. But I wanted them closer to the ground so we went with the Better Homes & Gardens Tristan bunk bed for it's low profile. 

Painting room pink

The girls wanted pink walls, and I didn't want to think of Pepto-Bismol every time I came in the room. So we compromised on half a wall of pink. Which left me with the bottom half to try out the faux board and batten that I've seen all over the internet!

We had these leftover wood pieces from ripping the planks for our farmhouse table and they worked perfectly for the battens! My little helper is having fun priming them. She loves anything crafty. 

Since I didn't want to have to replace our existing baseboards, I cut the end of the battens at a 45 degree angle so that it didn't stick over the edge of the baseboards. Not my preferred look, but I wanted to work with what I had. 

 Jeremy said that I would have problems brad nailing the battens into the drywall and not the studs. And he was right. Don't tell him, it'll go to his head ;). But since these weren't going to have to hold any weight I wasn't too concerned. There was a section that kept pulling away from the wall. Nothing a lot more caulking couldn't fix. :)

The girls love their new bunk bed. And they LOVE the pink wall. Emma was squealing about how pretty it was. I still need to touch up the pink paint, install a window sill (it's crazy to me that our house doesn't have window sills!) and possibly buy them a pink rug. :) But for now they like it. 

And apparently, so do their dolls. 



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