Saturday, May 30, 2020

Two Furry Additions to our Family

Hi, everyone! How is your weekend going? It was almost 100 degrees here today! A storm came through in the evening though and cooled it down a bit. I hope you are all staying cool.

Well, we did it. After being cat owners for 12 years and saying we were DONE with cats. We decided to get two kittens. It's really not our fault. We tried to resist. Really! But our 8 year old son finds extreme comfort from cats. When he is having a hard day, he calms down when he pets our cat. So, you see, we had no choice! We were doing it for him!  

How can you say no to that face?

Calico kitten named Pumpkin

And how can you say no to these balls of fluffy cuteness! 

Calico kitten name Maizey

Calico kitten

I think the girls are in love! It was all they could talk about for the past day since we told them. 

I love this man. A kitten curled up on his chest! He is also so servant-hearted. He pulled the car over on the way home and took care of the kittens messes after I seriously was about to hurl. And he only laughed at me once. Or twice.

Calico kitten

Calico kitten

My kids have never gotten to experience kittens before. We got our cats before they were born. It's fun to see them with this stage. The girls were singing them lullabies and the boys were having so much fun snuggling them, even after getting peed on! Well, after he quickly changed.

Alright, I am done bombarding you with pictures. Here's to new adventures! 

Soon we will need to adjust our cat litter issue. My husband will be building something better than what we have going on right now. Coming to a blog near you soon!


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