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Rustic X Desk

Okay you guys, I am here to share with you our new build! With more families homeschooling or public schooling at home this year, I thought our next project should be a desk. This was such a fun build! I think this may be my favorite build yet! 

I love it so much that I have it set up in my house right now until it sells. Husband says I can't keep everything we build so this piece has to go :( 

We got the plans from Ana White (seriously, so so many fun projects I want to build on that site!) and modified it a bit. We made the leg area wider so that it didn't feel so cramped, and we changed up the top a bit. I'll give you all of the dimensions we modified in this post!

We started out making the 3 frames exactly as they are written in the plans.

Quick picture I snapped showing the shelf cleats on two of the frames.

Adding the shelves.

It's starting to come together! So excited! 

My husband despises building those X's, but they are just so pretty! He must love me, because he keeps making them :) 

Okay, so here is where we changed up the dimensions. As I said before, we wanted there to be plenty of leg room in case adults are going to use it as well. We changed the dimensions of the three 2x2 supports from 28 and 1/2 inches to 36 inches! It's wide enough that two small children could even sit side by side. 

That also made the table top planks longer. Those are 67 inches long. We also wanted to use one inch thick boards instead of the two inch. We ended up going with one 1x10 in the middle and two 1x8's. 

Clamped the planks all nice and tight together and connected with pocket holes and screws. 

We forgot a couple of screws and this kid was more than happy to help! The look on his face is so precious :) 

After attaching the table top we decided to give our router a try on the edges!

Sorry for the blurry phone picture, but you can still kind of see the beautiful edge that's starting to take shape! 

I really enjoyed staining this beauty and watching the wood grain really pop! This Early American stain is light enough to really show off the wood's natural beauty. 

So gorgeous!

One coat of stain was plenty, and then I followed it with three coats of wipe on polyurethane. I like using the wipe on poly because it gives it an authentic hand rubbed appearance. And it's super easy! 

We also covered the screw holes on top with these cute little decorative tacks. Just a nice finishing touch!

My daughter decided that she had to try it out. Ya know, just to make sure it's safe for other kids.

I love how much space there is on the table top! I can imagine textbooks, papers, and pencils strewn about on this. And the two shelves to store your printer and anything else you need to store.

Rustic X Desk

I am so pleased with how this one turned out. I wish we had the room to keep it. I think next we will make a desk for two.

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