Friday, November 20, 2020

Christmas Trees


Does anyone else's house look like this in the midst of decorating?

Hey you guys! I did a thing. A thing that is generally looked down upon. I decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving! I know! I'm blaming it on 2020. After the year everyone has had, I think we all just need a little more joy. Anything goes this year, right? Right? Please, still be my friend!

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I'm not fully done decorating yet. I decided to take my time and do a little bit every day. Which is driving my kids nuts! They keep begging and pestering "when are you going to put this up? When are we going to decorate that?" 

She's helping me arrange the branches

I'll be sharing the rest of my Christmas decor once it's all up, but for now I wanted to share my trees! (Yes, that was meant to be plural!) Several years ago my husband finally convinced me to buy an artificial tree instead of a live one. I told him, let's compromise. Let's get TWO artificial trees! I'm not quite sure how that was a compromise but it worked!

Well, now I have not two Christmas trees....but four! In my defense, one of them is a mini tree in my girls' bedroom. So, I really only have 3 full size trees. See, I'm not that crazy. I don't have a problem. 

My living room tree is our family fun tree. We add multi colored lights, fun and random ornaments, and our special family ornaments. Although this year, with our rambunctious kittens, we left off our special breakable ones. 

*As proof, the cats broke this ornament before we even had a chance to hang it up. After Jeremy glued it back together, my daughter still insisted on putting it on the tree. Hopefully it stays safe the rest of the season.

I added a bit of ribbon that I had leftover from my mantle this year. I've never done ribbon on a tree before. I didn't have enough to cover the whole tree with it, but I like it! Ribbon is definitely on my list for next year! 

I also threw on same candy canes for fun! You can't go wrong decorating with candy canes! I have more displayed throughout my house too.

Christmas Tree

I bought these super cute boxes from Hobby Lobby last year to hold my ornaments. I decided to put them under the tree for a bit of decoration. I never put out my kids wrapped gifts until after they're in bed on Christmas Eve. I know my kids would not be able to withstand the temptation ;) 

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Our other living room is actually taken over by our massive dining table. But we manage to squeeze in two recliners so we can sit with our coffee in the morning, and it gives the kids a cozy place to read. I love sitting in this chair and gazing at this gorgeous tree every morning. I think this years is my favorite so far. 

My husband made me these gorgeous snowflake ornaments with the cnc. I just love them! I always decorate this tree with lots of red, so these white sparkly snowflakes really break it up. Just what this tree needed!

Aren't these candy cane ornaments darling?! I bought these from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale and I couldn't love them more! They have several options on Amazon as well! These ones are super cute!

I bought these cute red and white reindeer after Christmas last year. I love them so much! They are currently unavailable. However, now that we have a cnc machine, I plan on using it to make our own!

I'm constantly having to fix my garland. It's a good thing those cats are so cute!

I added my favorite red beaded garlands to this tree as well. I wanted to buy some larger red and white ball ornaments for this tree but I couldn't find any in the stores. I may order these ones or these ones...then again, I think I've probably spent enough. I just can't resist Christmas decorations! It's all so beautiful!

I'm trying to summon the energy to build a wooden tree collar for this tree. It would look so nice! And maybe it would help keep the kittens out of the tree! One can hope right?

I'll be back soon with the rest of my holly jolly nuthouse tour! Have a great weekend! 



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