Saturday, December 19, 2020

Christmas Decorations


My Mom and I with our day's accomplishment!

How is everyone's December going? I can't believe how fast it's going! It seems like this year went by so slowly, but the holiday season is speeding by. Does anyone else feel that way? We've been doing a lot of baking, watching Christmas movies, and spending good quality time together. 

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I wanted to share the rest of my Christmas decorations with you all! Now that Christmas is less than a week away, I'm finally done decorating. Ha! I felt like I was constantly adding decorations, rearranging and tweaking them. Grab some Christmas cookies and a glass of milk, because this is going to be a long post!

I showed you my Christmas trees in this post, however my kittens just destroyed the branches by climbing in them! I had to take them all apart, and my dear husband bent all of the sagging branches back in place. Since I had to redecorate it, I decided that our living room tree needed a little something more. So I added a different ribbon, and more of it! I LOVE it now! It makes me happy every time I look at it!

You can also see how I decorated my entertainment center. I put my beloved carousel here. This ornament was from my childhood and I just adore it! My kids have always loved turning it on and listening to the music every year. Such good memories. 

I twisted a couple old garlands together and added some cute berry and pinecone picks. Since I removed the dead light strands, I added these lights to them! I love these battery operated lights! I also have another set of them above my mantle.

Over on my entryway table [you can see all the details on my entryway table here], I have this beautiful garland from Costco. My husband surprised me with it and I couldn't love it more. It is the thickest garland I have ever owned, with lots of branches, pinecones and lights. It's seriously so beautiful! It's stunning on it's own, but I just had to dress it up a bit with red ribbon and candy canes! 

On the wall above it, I have these gorgeous paintings that my Mom made for me! Aren't they just the cutest?! I started with the one big painting in the center and then begged hinted to her that adding one on each side would be amazing. She took the hint. :) I love it so much! Thank you Mom!

It really completes this space! Nathan loves to put up the Christmas village every year. I may have to do some thrift store hunting next year for more pieces so he can set up a whole village display!

Our living room is really hard to photograph. I have dark floors and dark furniture, combined with the light streaming through the windows. But it's cozy and comfortable :) 

Speaking of cozy and comfortable, I love all of my Christmas pillows and throws! Perfect for snuggling on the couch and watching all of the Christmas movies!

On my kitchen table I have my centerpiece I made. I was so excited to decorate it with fun Christmas decor! [You can see how I decorated it for Fall here 

This centerpiece has really been a fun way for me to dive into decorating. I've really enjoyed arranging things and trying to figure out what looks good in it. 

Over my shiplap display board I hung a simple garland and my favorite red beaded garland. I added red bows to the two top corners and let them hand down the sides. Hanging this was so easy using command hooks!

My son loves photo bombing :)

Over my mantle, I put a large piece of plywood I painted white. My husband cut out the letters on our CNC machine, and I used this adorable wreath as the letter O! I attatched the letters with painters tape so that I can use it again for different seasons! I also put together my garland. I wrapped lights and ribbons around it... 

...and added cute berry picks, pinecones, and red Christmas balls. It was so much cheaper to put one together myself then buying one that already came like this!

I love this cozy spot in the morning! Sitting in front of the fire with my coffee and the pretty lights.

And looking at my adorable snowflake ornaments!

The kids also love sitting here and reading our growing collection of Christmas books!

I put these reindeer and this snowman on the TOP shelf so (fingers crossed) the kittens don't get to them. So far so good!

I added the berry branches that the kittens love to get into, so we'll see if they notice that I put them up there!

I originally had these stems in this farmhouse vase over my sink. That didn't last long. I have been moving them around the house trying to find a place where they can't get to them. 

The kids have been loving this hot cocoa bar that I shared with you in November! It makes my dark kitchen feel a bit more festive too :) 

On our kitchen counter is also where I put our family advent calendar. This is our 9th year using this and it has been such a great tradition with the kids. Aside from when they fight over where the pieces should go.

Now I'm off to sample some of these goodies. Just to make sure they're safe to eat, ya know? :) 

I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas tour!

Until next time!



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