Sunday, February 7, 2021

Kitchen Makeover- Part 1

Hey hey! I can't believe it's already February! Is it too early to wear flip flops? I'm so ready for spring. I want to spend more time in the sunshine, take the kids to parks and tackle lots of projects!

Speaking of projects, I wanted to share with you my latest undertaking! I have been dreaming of giving my kitchen a makeover since we moved in 5 years ago! The prospect always made me too nervous, so I never did it. If I messed up, or it looked stupid, it would be super expensive to fix! But, I finally gathered my courage and jumped in! 

I decided to start with my countertops and backsplash. The laminate on my counters was holding up fine, but it was super dark in my already dark kitchen. 

Not to mention that the wood edging (which I already hated) was in pretty rough shape.

I have always loved granite countertops, but not the hefty price tag. 

Enter this faux granite paint kit! I've been eyeing this kit for a year and finally took the plunge and bought it from Home Depot!

Since I want to replace my backsplash, I removed it before painting.

Taped things off (I should have been more thorough with this part, I'm a messy painter!) and got busy putting on the first base coat. This kit came with the paints, the tray, the brush, the rollers and the sand paper. You do need: a paint stick, a paint can opener, and an orbital sander if you have one. It's not necessary, but it made it so much quicker!

Have I mentioned how much this girl loves to help? She probably would have done the whole project if I would have let her. 

Two coats of primer and it's already so much brighter in my kitchen! 

Now the fun part! The stone coating! You need to paint in a random X pattern to evenly distribute the stone flecks. 

At this point I'm squealing like a little girl! It's so pretty!

Two coats of the stone coating, paying special attention to the edges.

After it's completely dry, sand. Sand. And sand again. I started with the 60 grit sand paper that was provided. Then I used the 120 grit that was provided as well. 

Then I went over it all with my orbital sander using 220 grit. I really wanted it to be as smooth as possible!

Get rid of all sanding dust and finish it with two coats of the clear protective topcoat. And that's it! Let it cure for 24 hours and then light use for a week.

I seriously cannot believe how easy that was! And what a difference! If you've been following me long, you know how often I lament my painting skills. This turned out amazingly! No roller marks, streaks of splotches! Admittedly, I probably should have used a thicker coat of the stone coating. There are a few spots that I can very faintly see the original color beneath. However, it's only because I'm looking for flaws. :) I am so pleased with how this turned out and I really hope it holds up long term. 

I find myself randomly walking in my kitchen just to stare at my counters. 

I just can't get enough of them! So, what do you think? Is this something you would like to try in your home?

Up next is to finish the window trim. Then deciding on a backsplash. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking a herringbone pattern would look nice. And I want something that would look good with my current cabinet color AND would still look nice if I can gather my courage to paint the cabinets white.

Until next time!



  1. I love it! You are giving me the courage to do my counters.
    What kit did you use?

    1. You totally should! It was so easy! I used the daich spreadstone mineral select refinishing kit. I bought it off home depot's website. :)


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