Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Rustic End Table

These tables are so cute! We were really excited to design these tables and use some new techniques that we haven't done before. We got the inspiration from Ana White's site (seriously so many fun ideas!), but our customer needed a specific size so we had to change things up quite a bit. 

With all of our past projects we've always used pocket holes to join boards together. After seeing how our farmhouse table has started to split and crack in places, we started doing research. We discovered using dowels to join table tops together is the preferred method for a lot of woodworkers. I just love that we're constantly learning new things to make our work better. It's part of this journey that I love so much. Although a tad frustrating to look at past projects and wish I could do it over again!

Why yes, we are crazy!

After bringing our lumber home, we ran all of the wood through our jointer...

Yes, I'm wearing my daughters panda headphones.

...and planer to get all the wood nice and straight and smooth. 

Then we made our cuts. ***If you want to make one of these little tables, I added a shopping list and cut list at the end of this post!

We built the table tops first. Time to try out dowels! This little tool made it so quick and easy! 

It made it effortless to evenly space out the holes on each board.

Pounded in the dowels into each space.

Fitting the boards together! So far so good :)

Now that the table tops are done, we can move onto the frames. Time to drill all of the pocket holes!

Making sure that all of the legs will be evenly spaced with the same overhang on all sides.

We're using a quarter inch piece of MDF so that all of the aprons and cross supports have the same inset.

The base of the tables are almost complete. We just need to add the fun cross supports!

Again, using the same piece of MDF to make sure all of our insets are the same :) 

All assembled! Lots of sanding, filling knot holes, plugging pocket holes, more sanding.

I was not pleased with the finish on the tops, so I sanded it down and started again. Yeah, I'm a perfectionist. 

There! So much better! Treated it with pre-stain wood conditioner, stained a beautiful dark walnut (my favorite shade!), then finished with two coats of polyurethane in satin.

All finished :) 

I couldn't help but decorate it for a quick picture before sending it off to it's new owner :) 

Now, onto our dozen other half finished projects! Thanks for following along! Cut list below!


Lumber List:    1x4x8ft




Cut List: 

               Table top: 1x4 cut at 19 inches (4 cuts)

               Table Legs: 2x2 cut at 19 inches (4 cuts)

               Long aprons: 1x3 cut at 15 1/4 inches (2 cuts)

               Short aprons: 1x3 cut at 9 1/2 inches (2 cuts)

               Side cross supports: 1x2 cut at 15 1/2 (2 cuts)

               Middle cross support: 1x2 cut at 10 5/8 inches (1 cut)

Your Kreg Jig manual will give you the screw size and slider setting per the thickness of the material you're working with. When you're joining two boards together of different thicknesses, the trick is: THINK THIN! Always go with the size of your thinnest board. 

You can certainly attach the top with pocket screws if you don't want to bother with dowels. As long as your wood is dry and you are not doing breadboard ends it should be fine. 

Let me know if you are going to make this!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Kitchen Makeover- Part 1

Hey hey! I can't believe it's already February! Is it too early to wear flip flops? I'm so ready for spring. I want to spend more time in the sunshine, take the kids to parks and tackle lots of projects!

Speaking of projects, I wanted to share with you my latest undertaking! I have been dreaming of giving my kitchen a makeover since we moved in 5 years ago! The prospect always made me too nervous, so I never did it. If I messed up, or it looked stupid, it would be super expensive to fix! But, I finally gathered my courage and jumped in! 

I decided to start with my countertops and backsplash. The laminate on my counters was holding up fine, but it was super dark in my already dark kitchen. 

Not to mention that the wood edging (which I already hated) was in pretty rough shape.

I have always loved granite countertops, but not the hefty price tag. 

Enter this faux granite paint kit! I've been eyeing this kit for a year and finally took the plunge and bought it from Home Depot!

Since I want to replace my backsplash, I removed it before painting.

Taped things off (I should have been more thorough with this part, I'm a messy painter!) and got busy putting on the first base coat. This kit came with the paints, the tray, the brush, the rollers and the sand paper. You do need: a paint stick, a paint can opener, and an orbital sander if you have one. It's not necessary, but it made it so much quicker!

Have I mentioned how much this girl loves to help? She probably would have done the whole project if I would have let her. 

Two coats of primer and it's already so much brighter in my kitchen! 

Now the fun part! The stone coating! You need to paint in a random X pattern to evenly distribute the stone flecks. 

At this point I'm squealing like a little girl! It's so pretty!

Two coats of the stone coating, paying special attention to the edges.

After it's completely dry, sand. Sand. And sand again. I started with the 60 grit sand paper that was provided. Then I used the 120 grit that was provided as well. 

Then I went over it all with my orbital sander using 220 grit. I really wanted it to be as smooth as possible!

Get rid of all sanding dust and finish it with two coats of the clear protective topcoat. And that's it! Let it cure for 24 hours and then light use for a week.

I seriously cannot believe how easy that was! And what a difference! If you've been following me long, you know how often I lament my painting skills. This turned out amazingly! No roller marks, streaks of splotches! Admittedly, I probably should have used a thicker coat of the stone coating. There are a few spots that I can very faintly see the original color beneath. However, it's only because I'm looking for flaws. :) I am so pleased with how this turned out and I really hope it holds up long term. 

I find myself randomly walking in my kitchen just to stare at my counters. 

I just can't get enough of them! So, what do you think? Is this something you would like to try in your home?

Up next is to finish the window trim. Then deciding on a backsplash. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking a herringbone pattern would look nice. And I want something that would look good with my current cabinet color AND would still look nice if I can gather my courage to paint the cabinets white.

Until next time!


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Valentine's Decor


Hey friends! Has January flown by for anyone else? I blinked and all of a sudden it's almost February! We've been busy with lots of little projects...and none of them getting finished! I swear, we start projects and then move onto other projects only to come back and finish the one we started with months later. I mean, we're still installing baseboards from our flooring makeover we started a year ago! Please tell me that we're not the only ones!

Speaking of things that I haven't gotten done yet, I am about halfway through decorating for Valentine's day! I wanted to share some of what I've done so far. 

My tiered tray is all kinds of festive right now! I originally placed this on my kitchen island, but I was getting tired of constantly moving it so I could make meals. My long centerpiece box was looking very empty, so I just consolidated the items. Now my decor tray looks so full and happy! 

My husband cut out that XOXO on our CNC machine, the beaded garland is from Hobby Lobby, and the faux flowers are from amazon! So cute, and such a good price! It came with a lot too! 

These beauties filled up my farmhouse pitcher! It makes me so happy to have a bright spot to look at when it's so yucky outside!

I made this cute little tic-tac-toe-heart sign! Love never fails! :)  Hey, I actually finished a project! Score 1 for Monique.... score 959 for procrastination. I guess I still have some catching up to do!

I left the command hooks on the side of my shiplap sign and hung this cute heart garland! I bought this last year from Walmart, I believe. But there are so many cute options on Amazon! These and these are so darling!

I added a simple valentine's wreath and my favorite spring garlands to my mantle. I have three of these garlands together to make it look fuller. Last year I added one to my entryway table, however I don't trust my kittens to leave them alone. :) 

My last little pop of valentine's is on this table right outside our master bedroom :) 

I love this sign, however it's missing something. I was thinking of adding some ribbon or something on the top? Or maybe adding a roof? Thoughts or ideas would be most welcome!

Alright, time to wrap this post up and go tuck the kiddos in bed. I finished a blog post, that should count as another point right? Score 2- Monique! I'm on a roll! :) 

Have a blessed week,